Anti-ageing Magicians anyone?

I let the sun do my make up for me!

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When the market place Magicians lure the older or the more vulnerable women and men who eerily long for some kind of ridiculous youthful beauty, first of all they use some really bizarre and often silly jargon that always makes the sensible laugh.


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The jargon is so weird that we can’t even understand it. What we can understand is the ridiculous price we are willing to pay for lotions and potions that give us nothing but hope.


When WHICH? The independent consumer guide visited the huge and bewildering mountain of anti-ageing creams promising youth sitting inside a bottle, pot, tub or kettle, waiting to come out and rejuvenate the older vulnerable buyer, it explained the jargon. Retinol is the scientific name for vitamin A. In the diet, it comes from animal or fish liver, dairy products and via beta-carotine from some vegetables and fruits. In anti-ageing creams Retinol is claimed to smooth or reduce the visible signs of wrinkles.


The 96 women used in the WHICH? Trial did not know whether they were using anti-ageing creams or the much cheaper moisterisers. One of the creams was Syence Servital Active Tissue Defence. The price then was a whopping 51 pounds for 30ml! The average price estimated by the users was 5 pounds! Ingredients included retinyl palmitate, UV filer. Claims Rejuvinating active ingredients target the needs of ageing and damaged skin.

User’s verdict: Half the users thought it was an anti-ageing cream. All the users felt that the look and feel of their skin was either the same or worse than before the trial!


No visible difference in the fine lines or wrinkles were noticed, though one user felt the cream made her lines and wrinkles worse. Two users reported hot, red and tingling skin. Comments from users include ‘it took a long time to absorb’, ‘made my make up smear.’


Besides the weirdness of such products is the far worse thought that I simply cannot bear to consider – what animal had been tortured to test this product that made even the humans feel hot red and tingling skin? How much would that poor, helpless, rabbit, cat or other animal been terrorized and hurt and maimed?


What kind of beauty is this?



One thought on “Anti-ageing Magicians anyone?

  1. Sounds horrible !
    What I found in beauty products of any kind is that they work good as long as you wear them, the moment you stop using them you will notice the reverse effect !!


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