When Weird becomes MAGIC in The Frankenstein Chronicles in Netflix

Anybody who owns a cat or two or more, is not a stranger to WEIRD! But if you want even more weird, almost unbearably chilling, then try and watch The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix!


I thought the French had got it just right to squeeze the blood out of us with their intelligent and slyly crafted tv chiller La Mante. But they will certainly be jealous to find out that this one has gone several steps above them – to crush the bones out of anyone who dares to watch!

P1220431 (1)

I finished just one episode in which Sean Bean playing a detective in 1827 London (dark, grisly, gruesome and grotesque) is trying to catch a creepy killer who has this more than weird passion to catch little children, cut them up and reshape them like some kind of horrible tailor. It is almost unbearably bleak and I don’t even know if I will be able to continue watching it!


But the ITV series is excellently crafted, the acting is superb and the cast is addictive. So if you want to have a minor heart attack by television, (pathetic I know) this could be your best choice. Maybe a cup of hot lemon grass tea or a cold coconut or banana or chocolate ice cream, or lemon juice, or fresh fruits, might help you to cope with the horrors that pile up like a mountain of Taliban killers or the Ku Klux Clan’s ghouls descending upon you!


Sometimes well crafted Weird can become Magic!



3 thoughts on “When Weird becomes MAGIC in The Frankenstein Chronicles in Netflix

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