The cat-gardening chronicles 26

Don’t shop for liver for your cat!


You may not know these facts about cats. Most of us cannot digest milk and cream so you must keep them away from us. But did you know we like yoghurt and it is good for us? The Readers Digest illustrated book of cats says that most cats will get diarrhoea when they lap up milk. But you can give us cheese!


Another harmful food is liver though most cats are crazy about it! This book says that liver, rich in proteins and vitamins is also a strong laxative. Very high doses of this vitamin can be very dangerous for us! It can cause bleeding and damage the bones. If you feed it to them, they often become so addicted they refuse to have other food. So just keep it away from them!


Your cats can eat grass and it is good for them because it contains vitamins so you can grow some grass in a pot or window box! Consider Lemon Grass and the Spider Plant and other kinds of grass to bring home for us!


Did you know that a few drops of mineral oil added to our food every few days will help prevent hair balls forming in our stomachs? This will be a great help for long haired cats!


The Readers Digest says that catnip makes us indulge in ecstatic rubbing and rolling against this plant and we act like animals in heat! We take up weird positions and behave like detectives or soldiers! Some experts say we behave like drug addicts! Would you agree?


Catnip was used in the olden days for cooking and for medicinal purposes for humans! Have you heard of a more unfair state of affairs?


Most cats love lung tissue which is not good for them. Liver can be toxic in large doses. Regular daily consumption can bring on a very serious bone disease: rheumatoid spondylitis, a condition that may totally paralyse the cat and kill it. So keep liver away from us!


You can try out this tasty treat for us. It is called:


Ella’s sumptuous sushi rolls


When you make lasagna, save a couple of noodles for this recipe.


2 cooked lasagna noodles

one fourth cup cooked salmon or other boneless fish

one fourth cup alfalfa sprouts

flaked norie (edible seaweed) optional.


Lay noodles out on waxed paper. Cut each noodle in half lengthwise. In a small bowl mash the salmon into tiny pieces. Spread a thin layer of salmon on each noodle leaving about half inch uncovered at each end. Sprinkle each noodle with alfalfa sprouts and some norie. Beginning at one end, roll each noodle pinwheel style, as tightly as possible. Cut the rolls into one fourth slices and serve. Store tightly wrapped in the refrigerator if any remain!


From: Cat Nips! Feline cuisine by Rick & Martha Reynolds.


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