Anti-ageing creams & Your Purse!

Your wrinkle cream and your shopping bag!


WHICH? the independent consumer guide had done a rigorous test of several anti-ageing creams and moisturisers, with 96 women participating. They were non smokers aged between 40 and 55 with normal skin. They had not used anti-ageing creams before and used the creams given to them by WHICH? For the study. They all came up with astonishing information about these ‘magical’ youth giving rather expensive beauty creams that came in very pretty, scented, painted pots and pans!


The advice of two experts was used: one in toxicology and one in dermatology. Their tips too were startling.


One of the creams used was Ultima II CHR PRO-AHA Cream. The price at that time in January 1998 was 27 pounds for 50 ml! The average price estimated by the users was seven pounds! Ingredients includes AHA (details not provided on packaging), UV filter (SPF 8). Claims: it helps the skin restore the cellular renewal rate to the level it achieves in its youth.


User’s verdict: One user thought it was an anti-ageing cream. Reactions were mixed on whether the look of the skin had improved or worsened! The feel of the skin either stayed the same or worsened.

No changes were noticed in the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles and no one experienced any side effects. Comments from users about the cream include ‘nice to use’ and ‘sinks in well’.


The American Medical Association answered one question which asked “I have seen ads for cosmetic products that claim to erase wrinkles and rejuvenate ageing skin so that a person does not need plastic surgery. Are such products really effective?”

The AMA replied: watch those wild promises. Man has been looking for the fountain of youth since time immemorial…the only problem with products that are marketed to fulfill this desire is that none has ever lived up to its claims!


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