The Cat-gardening Chronicles 25


Grow an aloe vera in your garden!

Cat-gardening sometimes has to do research as well to fill up the pages of this healthy chronicle! So let us talk about aloe!


It is wise to grow an aloe in your garden or bring back one from the nursery. In white cats the non-pigmented ear tips are prone to sunburn and blistering which could lead to problems. Your Natural Cat by Grace McHATTIE advises that aloe gel soothes inflamed ear flaps and reduces the discomfort. St. Johns Wort oil can be used as an alternative!


Aloe Vera gel or the fresh juice from a cut leaf can be applied locally to minor burns on cats to reduce pain and provide a protective layer against infection! Even when your cat has been bitten by a wasp or a bee has stung, where the area around the wound is sore, the fresh juice from a broken leaf can reduce the inflammation! Fresh Plantain or Houseleek leaves can also be used, she says.


For fleas an external remedy is Calendula (Marigold). Diluted lotion is very good for cleaning, bathing and soothing sore areas, scabs and rashes. The cream can be used on dry areas. Another herbal remedy is Pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum cinerarifolium). Brush the dried, powdered flowers into the coat weekly to deter fleas. Then brush the coat thoroughly one hour later to help remove any fleas. Pyrethrum is safe even for young kittens, says this book.


Here are some acceptable treats for your cats!


  1. Buttered whole wheat toast.
  2. A sliver of pizza.
  3. A string of spaghetti dripping with tomato sauce and cheese (only one unless it is whole grain).
  4. From: The New Natural Cat. Anitra Frazier with Norma Eckroate.




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