Sunday’s flowers & Health Nuggets!

Sunday’s Flowers and their Health Nuggets!


  1. Eating vegetables raw is considered to be a good choice. But when it comes to carrots, it is better to have them cooked. Carrots are a better source of beta-carotene (made into vitamin A in your body) when cooked. Adding butter helps even more.
  2. Soups: vegetable soups are a tasty and filling way to bring back vegetables into our diets, says the World Health Organisation. Tomato, lentils, asparagus soup, big soups like minestrone, cold soups, soups with a potato base and especially soups with cabbage: a vegetable packed with vital antioxidants. It is good to feed to your cats as well along with their normal cat foods.
  3. The French sensibly include a green salad with every meal. We should copy them! Raw cabbage is the best along with spinach, carrot, green pepper etc with a dressing. (from: A delicious way to earn a living by Michael Bateman.)



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