Buying anti-ageing cream: just get yoghurt and grapes instead!

Anti-ageing Cream or Grapes?


If you have ever spent money on an anti-ageing cream or are planning to do so, you might like to read about this study done by WHICH? The independent consumer guide.


They asked 96 women to try out anti-ageing creams and ordinary moisturisers. These women were non-smokers, aged between 40 and 55 with normal skin. They had not used anti-ageing creams before and used the cream given to them by WHICH? In place of their normal moisturizer.


Which? Used the advice of two experts – one in toxicology and one in dermatology. They helped to sort out the amazing and often mystifying jargon used by sellers of magical youth to their vulnerable hopeful buyers.


Aqua means water! Ascorbyl palmitate is a relative of vitamin C! But there is no evidence it has any effect on the skin in this form!


Then check out what the women using these creams had to say. About L’Oreal Plenitude Revitalist Anti-wrinkle and firming cream: ingredients include retinyl palmitate, UV filter. Claims: improves skin elasticity. Firms the facial contours. Smooths wrinkles and protects against UV rays.

User’s verdict: none of the users thought it was an anti-ageing cream. They were mixed about whether the cream improved the look of their skin or made it worse! But all felt it improved the feel of it.

There were no noticeable changes in the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. One user noticed some spots initially. Users felt the cream was a good make up base but a bit greasy!


If all these companies claim to use fruits, yoghurt and other fresh ingredients: aloe is a favourite with all companies, why can’t we do this at home at no price at all?


Living Without Cruelty has this recipe for making a face mask at home! You need Grape, yoghurt, and honey! Take equal parts of honey and plain yoghurt and a handful of mashed grapes.

Mix the ingredients together and apply to your freshly steamed face. The mask is soothing, penetrating and moisturizing.

The grapes are good for sun-dried skin. They help to restore acidity. Yoghurt helps greasy skin and also acts as a mild bleaching agent on winter-dingy complexions. Relax for 15 to 20 minutes with the mask on. Wash off with tepid water, then splash your face with cold. If you have any ‘mask’ left over, eat it!








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