Going shopping for a wrinkle cream? Instead make yourself a green roof!

If you are going out to shop for Tall Claims made by anti wrinkle creams leave your bag behind with me!


All wrinkle creams and moisturisers make tall claims to tempt us when our skin dries up or gets spots or wrinkles. But how true are these claims?


In the study done by WHICH? The independent consumer guide which looked very nosily into wrinkle creams and their promises with the help of experts found out that most of them are just that – tall claims!


Consider the Vitamin A impostors! Boots Botanics 12-hourVitamin Moisture Cream and Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Crème, both claim benefits from vitamin A on their packaging. However, they do not contain pure Vitamin A (or retinol) but a form of it called retinyl palmitate – also known as pro-vitamin A or pro-retinol. There is no evidence that this relative of vitamin A does anything to the skin!


Instead of paying a lot of dollars, pounds, rupees etc. for such creams why not get the vitamins cheaply, at home, with home made wrinkle creams? Then even if they don’t work we will still have our dollars, pounds and rupees to buy ourselves something more useful, more fun and more necessary!


Why not treat yourself to a green roof? People all over the world are making their roofs green now which will help the poor planet’s horrifying wrinkles! Your roof can have grass, plants and small trees to keep your home cool, present you with cleaner air to breathe in, soak up rainwater so it won’t add to storm water runoff, and best of all they provide a cool habitat for wildlife!


If you are interested in green roofs check out: www.greenroofs.com. Or www.livingroofs.org.



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