Bring home 5 Kitchen warriors!

Do you have these heroes in your kitchen?


There are every day heroes that guard our health and they can be safely stored and used in our kitchen cabinets, says Nutritional Therapist Kerry Torrens!


  1. Turmeric: use it in curries, rice, soups and other cooked foods. It can soothe stomach upsets and strengthen skin and joints. A grind of black pepper helps to absorb it properly. Scientists many years ago had advised that a spoonful of turmeric keeps cancer away!
  2. Lentils: these are packed with iron and folate. They will keep you strong and active. Put them in salads or have them with hot rice.

4comb3. Chickpeas: rich in plant hormones they are very good for your skin and keep it sturdy and elastic. They make rice dishes and salads more interesting.

4. Coconut milk: This refreshing drink contains more important minerals such as iron and magnesium than cow’s milk. Use it in desserts, curries, smoothies and rice dishes.

5. Saffron: Crammed with protective antioxidants saffron strands, delicate and scented, help to fight age related vision loss and could help to prevent hardening of the arteries. Use them in sweets, desserts, chapatis, biscuits, cakes etc. Just one pinch is all you need of this very expensive but very powerful kitchen doctor!

Tips from Good Food BBC.


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