Baking Bread with Meryl Streep

Baking bread OR Meryl Streep?!


There was just one tablespoon of yeast remaining in a packet I had bought last week, after I had used most of it to make my very first cheese bread which turned out okay, though slightly over baked.


But since it was home made with loads of cheese in it, the house smelt great and one cat, the sickly one, who loves cheese began to look very bright and hungry! To find a recipe for a small bread to use up the last of the yeast was easy – Tarla Dalal! She is the ZEN of my out of the ordinary cooking journey!


She gave me this Masala Bread using alas too much butter! But then it is Tarla Dalal telling you to use it so how can I not obey? I made the dough and put it inside the microwave to rest and rise. Then I sat down to check out Netflix which was a mistake as there was Sophie’s Choice which I have already seen too many times to count.


But then, there was Meryl Streep, as usual mesmerizing, as usual very hard to ignore and as usual, enchanting. Then there was the bread! That too Tarla Dalal’s bread! But I told myself I was too exhausted to do the proving and the punching and then baking. Other bloggers mentioned that they had often put the dough in the fridge and baked it the next day.


So without qualms I did that and was wafted away into Sophie’s heartbreaking, searing, haunted world and the three main characters who do not let you move away from them and their terrible drama. I realized all over again how underrated Kevin Kline is.

It is still difficult to watch that scene nearing the end of Sophie’s Choice when we discover what that choice was!


I was tempted to whizz past it and did not. The truth is that we have to watch the horrifying miseries of history to remember them and ensure they never happen again. So the masala bread had no chance against Meryl and the next day it forgave me and rose gloriously and I wait for the newest Meryl Magic to unfurl again! No matter how much someone may tweet about her!


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