Asian Paints makes tall claims about Royale Atmos removing indoor pollution, says ASCI

DSCN1417 (1)

Asian Paints was making very tall claims in its advertisements for its product Royale Atmos claiming that it acts against indoor pollution like formaldehyde, tobacco smoke, nicotine and several other pollutants inside the home!

The company said that Royale Atmos is tested and certified as per the best international standards for formaldehyde abatement. When you use Royale Atmos to paint your home, formaldehyde abatement was 85 per cent in 24 hours, the advertisement bleated.

DSCN1340 (1)

But technical experts from the Advertising Standards Council of India said that the Chinese standard provided by Asian Paints did not reveal its methodology nor were there any proper standards or proof to conform the power of Royale Atmos.

ASCI concluded that the claim that this paint removes tough pollutants from the air was not proven and was misleading by exaggeration! Its activated carbon technology and other powers were not proven! The complaint against this advertisement was upheld!

If consumers want to tackle indoor air pollution the reliable method is still what NASA’s test had shown: grow plants like the Peace Lily, Spider Plant, orchids, ivies, ferns etc.!

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