Apollo Hospitals makes misleading claims about Regenerative Cell Therapy without proof

The Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. had put out disturbing advertisements in India about offering a unique regenerative cell therapy to consumers. The advertisement said: 1. Don’t replace, regrow. 2. First time in India Apollo Hospital brings to you Regenerative Cell Therapy. 3. You may not require joint replacement after all. 4. Restores mobility.


The Advertising Standards Council of India asked Apollo Hospitals to prove their claims and they were unable to do so. They told the ASCI that they had got permission from the Department of Health, The Drugs Controller of India etc. for this method. But experts of the ASCI found out that the sponsor Chondron & Ossron that Apollo said were the patented technologies belonging to RMS Regrow has been given approval by the Government only for post marketing surveillance of 50 patients and it implies that the regulator is not yet fully convinced about the safety and efficacy of the product!


Such claims are incorrect and to claim that it will give long lasting relief with restored mobility without any proof is wrong. To imply that it has no side effects is also very wrong. Any cell therapy can have adverse effects, says the ASCI which pulled up Apollo Hospitals for its advertisement which was against the code of ethics of the ASCI.

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