Anti-ageing cream or moisturiser?

 I just wash my face as much as possible and save my money for buying a whole month’s stock of CATNIP!


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Wrinkles and us! From the time we turned 5 or even six, we have been bombarded with expectations about how we look – black, white, brown, dark brown! We worry about pimples, black spots, dimples or no dimples and all kinds of stupid issues.

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The moment we turn 30, we begin to worry about ageing, wrinkles, fat or thin bodies and a million other issues that the beauty business makes sure we worry about. It seems like they know that all women have this huge as a mountain hole in which they can slide in these idiotic messages: how they can make us look slimmer, whiter, shinier, brighter, smarter etc. And as we shop endlessly for the perfection we don’t even really need, the real business of living slides past us!


When the British consumer group WHICH? Did this study about anti-ageing creams using a 100 women as the target to find out if these ‘magic potions’ work it found out that many of those women suffered side effects with the creams: dry, sore and red skin, itchy skin etc.


Next they asked the women how much they would have paid for these potions promising eternal youth?!! The most expensive anti-ageing cream WHICH? Selected – Servital by Syence – costs over 51 pounds for 30 ml. WOW! But the women who tested it estimated that it was worth just over five pounds on average! They would have paid about the same, however, for Johnson’s Baby Moisturising Cream which costs less than 2 pounds for over three times as much cream.


Says WHICH? That the best way to prevent wrinkles as you age is to protect your skin from the sun! The visible effects of long-term dates with the sun are fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots. But they only turn up after time, which is why we blame them to getting old. But by using a sunscreen you can protect against further damage. Even when you are out walking you should were some form of protection against the sun’s blazing heat.

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