The Catgardening Chronicles: 21

Home Made Treat for your Cat & more Flea Information!




All hair is good for the planet!


If you are a cat person, cat’s hairs pouring down around you is not such a big deal! Plus, cat’s fur can be safely put in your compost! So can your own hair. You can even dig it deep into the soil directly!


Somehow those dratted fleas surface too often in the conversations of all those people who own cats or dogs! Here is an interesting tidbit for them. John A. Rohrbach, a vet from Perth who uses herbal treatment for his animals tells about a number of herbs that fleas do not like: Wormwood, Feverfew, Camphor Plant, Catmint, Tansy, Lavender, Rosemary and Sage.


He advises that in summer scatter the leaves and flowers in the house, patio, or garden, in winter use them dried. For stronger protection make an infusion of 1 level teaspoon of any of these herbs in a cupful of boiling water. When cool, sprinkle it lightly on your dog’s coat before taking him out to walk.


If your dog or cat is flea-infested, tie a shoestring dipped in Eucalyptus or Cypress oil round their neck for a few hours. You can also put fresh walnut leaves in their baskets or beds, no insects will come near. Try Eucalyptus leaves or fresh Pennyroyal. Shower Pennyroyal dried or fresh around your house!


Do you want some instant greenery in your home? You can make very pretty houseplants at no cost from the green tops of carrots or pineapples. Cut off the edible part of the carrot or pineapple just below the top, and push the cut end into a pot of compost. Cover new pineapple plants with a clear plastic bag secured with a rubber band until they start to grow!


Here is one good way to use up a plastic bag!


Here is one more way to keep your plants watered if you can’t find anyone to do it for you. Line your bath with plastic sheeting and place a thick layer of newspaper on top. Put pot plants on the newspaper and spray until leaves, soil and the newspaper are damp.

Then drape plastic sheeting over the shower curtain rail and tape it to the sides of the bath. Keep the bathroom light on. However this method is not good for succulents, African violets or furry-leaved plants. (Readers Digest: Household Hints & Handy Tips.


Make Catnip Crepes with Holidays’ Sauce for your Hardworking Felines!


This kitty just had a catnip lunch!
  1. One egg
  2. One fourth cup milk
  3. One third cup flour
  4. 2 teaspoons vegetable oil
  5. 2 teaspoons dried catnip
  6. one fourth cup cottage cheese

Combine all the ingredients, except the cottage cheese in a blender and mix until batter is frothy. Heat a large nonstick skillet until moderately hot, then wipe very lightly with vegetable oil. Pour half the batter into the hot skillet and quickly tilt the skillet around so the batter spreads evenly. Cook crepe for a few minutes until the edges lift easily from the pan. Flip and cook the second side for about a minute. Remove to a plate and cook the second crepe. Spread each crepe with a thin layer of cottage cheese and roll them up jelly roll style. Slice each roll into half inch pieces. Serve crepes with a dollop of “Holidays’ Sauce” (recipe below)


Holidays’ Sauce

One fourth cup heavy cream

Half teaspoon anchovy paste


In a small bowl whip cream until soft peaks form. Add the anchovy paste and beat for another 20 seconds.


From: Cat Nips! Feline Cuisine. This adorable little book by Rick & Martha Reynolds will enchant you. It has Cats You’ll Love and the Homemade Treats They Crave!



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