Is there Magic in Anti-ageing Creams?

The not so magical news about Wrinkle Creams




No matter how much your favourite actress has been recommending a ‘magical’ wrinkle cream, don’t go for it!

A study done by the British consumer group WHICH? To find out if cosmetics really help you to look younger discovered that dry, sore and red skin were among the unnerving side effects reported by 17 of the 48 women using anti-ageing creams.

WHICH? Had asked 96 women to try them out. Says WHICH? “Before you invest anything from 5 pounds to 50 pounds in the tempting pots that promise to bring back youth, consider what these women experienced!


The other side effects the women in the study experienced were mild tingling to ‘burning’ or itchy skin. Some women reported dry patches and flakes of skin peeled from one woman’s nose!


If you are using anti-ageing creams and find that you are having mild tingling, burning or itching, you should stop using them. This is a form of irritation and around your eyes this cream is dangerous. All the women using Synergie Wrinkle Lift and Avon Anew reported some side effects.


In the study twelve anti-ageing creams and 12 ordinary moisturisers were used. The women were not told what they were using! Greasiness was the problem with some of the moisturisers! Eight out of the 48 women had some mild side effects like small pimples or tight skin.


Fine lines and wrinkles: All moisturizers help smooth away fine lines. Most anti-ageing creams claim to also help with wrinkles. But of the 16 women who did report some improvement, nine had been using an ordinary moisturizer and only seven were using anti-ageing cream!


The majority of women didn’t notice any difference to the look and feel of their skin when the trial ended! Another ten women using anti-ageing creams said the cream had made the overall look of their skin worse. But only three women using moisturizers reported such a change!

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