Anti-ageing Creams anyone?WHICH? checked them out!

Anti Ageing Creams? Really? The best anti-ageing cream is an 18 hour nap on someone’s lap and then cream and catnip for breakfast-lunch and dinner!


Cosmetics are a little bit like sugar! We don’t need them, and yet we buy them! I think I stopped buying cosmetics even before I knew how most of them are made with the blood, breath, heart, soul, skin and bones of animals tested for some stupid reason. All those distant years ago when I used lipsticks not knowing the horror behind them, I now regret deeply!


I do use cold creams when my skin gets dry in summer but even those I sometimes forget to use!


And as for anti ageing creams, they are the biggest joke in the planet I think! The really funny thing is that just when one of your favourite actresses turns forty or fifty, you will find her inside an advertisement for an anti ageing cream! And you wonder where her common sense went! Or perhaps she did it just to pay the bills, and work from the movies is not so great now?


The Advertising Standards Council of India is now coming down heavily on celebrities advertising for beauty products. Just consider the likes of Shah Rukh Khan advertising for a Fair and Lovely product! He is not even fair! Not white as milk or Basmati Rice! And yet all celebrities advertise for beauty and health products, especially for slimming or whitening ‘magic gems’  without any qualms!


Anyway WHICH? The independent consumer guide did this very interesting study on anti-ageing creams. They asked nearly a 100 women for their verdict on these very expensive products. The answers were not really shocking!


They selected 12 anti-ageing creams and 12 ordinary moisturizers. Four women used each cream according to the instructions on the packs, for four weeks. One of the anti-ageing creams – RoC Retinol Actif Pur – was used for 12 weeks, as the manufacturer claimed a visible reduction in wrinkles could be seen in that period of time.


The pots of creams were masked so that the women did not know which type or brand of cream they were using. WHICH? Asked them to rate their skin before, during and after the trial. After the trial they were asked to guess whether they had been using anti-ageing cream or an ordinary moisturizer.



Can you guess the answers? Women who had used some of the anti-ageing creams had noticed: sore, red or dry skin! They told WHICH? That anti-ageing creams generally failed to live up to their claims for making skin look and feel younger and smoother!


Then WHICH? Asked them to guess which type of cream they had been using? Three fourths of all the women thought they had been using a moisturizer!

DSCN2266 (1)

More about this wonderful study in my next blog!



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