Wordless Wednesday’s Green Chimes!

Wordless Wednesday’s Green Chimes


  1. Insect bites are a regular addition to gardening. Try this quick, ancient remedy: just squeeze a marigold (Calendula) leaf and rub it on the affected part. It will relieve swelling and itching!

DSCN10352. Don’t throw away broken pots or crockery. Use them up as drainage at the bottom of plant pots.

DSCN28943. Don’t put out bread crumbs for the birds. They will just fill up on them, rather than eating more nutritious foods.

4. Give them other scraps such as uncooked porridge oats, breakfast cereal, grated cheese, leftover jacket potatoes.

5. Wildlife needs water too. If not a pond, even a simple, shallow bowl will let birds and animals drink up when thirsty.



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