Magic from the Green Hat!

Give a Hot Water Bath to your Houseplants?

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Here is a somewhat drastic and mystifying remedy to remove bugs from your houseplants! It is from The Bug Book Harmless Insect Controls by Helen and John Philbrick which says to expel bugs from houseplants, use clean hot water from 140degF to 150defF. Cover your soil in flowerpot with a crumpled newspaper or a circle of cloth with a slit.


Put a handful of moss on top of the soil. While the plant is dormant, tip it into a vessel of hot water for 5 to 10 minutes then set the pot against two bricks to drain. Make sure it has plenty of air. A temperature of 140 to 150 deg F will kill or expel any kind of pests!


They say you can try this out first on some plants you have thrown away or are not using, before you subject your treasured plants to this fierce treatment!


They also say that Pennyroyal Herb rubbed fresh on your skin will repel mosquitoes for a short period of time. On kitchen shelves it repels ants!

Peppermint herb stored in grains will keep rats out.


A very startling and surprising tip is that a plantain weed will help in an emergency to stop bleeding! Crush or even bite the leaves to let out the juice and apply directly to the wound. Bleeding will stop even from a deep cut! Plantain has been used for hundreds of years for healing broken bones!


The tender inside leaves are a good choice to add to a green salad!




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