The Cat-gardening Chronicles (18)

The cat-gardening chronicles (18)


Cats who garden or pretend to garden, are good cats! They are watching over the spider plants, the ivies, the dahlias and everything else under their noses.


Recently we read that if you dry equal parts of chamomile flowers and pennyroyal, when crumbly dry, you should grind them coarsely and fill a fabric pillow with them. The camomile and pennyroyal will rid your cats of fleas, says The Rodale Herb Book!


To rid your dog of fleas you can try this: fill a pillow full of rue and place it in his bed. Sew cedar shavings into his pillow to keep fleas away.


Here is another secret about catnip we are sharing reluctantly with you, as it may reduce our share of it! This book tells us that if ants plague you, catnip can help. Just crush some catnip and sprinkle on the ant trails. The smell irks them and they will vanish! Weird isn’t it?


Another herb we like is valerian root. You must gather it up, dry it and grind it coarsely and fill up small toys or pillows with it. Remember that bits of felt or pillow ticking will last longer than finer fabrics, for cat toys.

P1230990 (1)

Did you know that rose water makes an excellent rinse for humans? It is so easy to make. Collect rose petals early in the morning, place them in an enamel pot, just cover with water and slowly allow it to come to a boil. Simmer it for several minutes and strain.


This rose rinse is very good for oily skin. It is used to flavor desserts in many countries. In India and other countries it is used to sweeten sherbet, ice cream and cakes. Arabs use it to glaze roasting fowl.


If you like lemons, you will enjoy making lemon water which is good for correcting oily skin and hair. Use fresh or dried lemons and prepare the same way as you make rose water.



A healthy supper for your cat:


One free range boiled egg, peeled and mashed

One tin sardines in tomato sauce, drained

One tablespoon spinach, cooked and chopped

Two teaspoons live goats’ yoghurt

One tablespoon cooked brown rice

One teaspoon brewer’s yeast


Mix all ingredients together and feed!


From: The Healthy Cat Book by Alexandra Bastedo and Jeannie Kemnitzers





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