Sunday’s flowers use the wrong Fogg Roll on Deodorant!

Sunday’s flowers use the wrong Fogg Roll on Deodorant!


The Advertising Standards Council had to pull up the Vini Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. for its ridiculous claims that its product Fogg Roll On Deodorant gave the buyer triple protection against sweat, bacteria and odour. It eliminated 96 per cent bacteria from men and women who used Fogg Roll On Deodorant!



The firm was unable to prove any of these claims with tests or any other data to the ASCI which upheld the complaint made against it.


The American Medical Association tells us that the most effective way to control both bacterial growth on the skin and body odor is by personal cleanliness! Bathing is the best way to control body odour and clothing should be washed and changed regularly!

Wash and wash and wash instead of using a deodorant! Save your money for buying some catnip!


The bad news is that deodorants are products formulated to mask or diminish body odor! They do not in any way affect the production or flow of perspiration! So the best way to reduce perspiration and smell good, is to be like your cat – wash and wash again and again and again!


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