The Cat-gardening Chronicles (17)

Make a Perfumed Pond!


DSCN7087 (1)

Cats and plants have a healthy connection if cats keep away from philodendrons, and ivy, Dieffenbachia, Chrysanthemums, azalea, caladium, iris, hydrangea, crocus, buttercup, mistletoe, holly etc.


But the Spider Plant is our friend, says a vet, Bruce Fogle, in his book called 101 Questions Your Cat would ask its Vet if your cat could talk. He explains that cats can denude this plant in a week! This often happens in our garden. He says that Spider plants have a chemical that when eaten makes cats feel good! It is a little bit like catnip! But too much of it can make them lethargic. This hasn’t happened to us yet!


This vet also says that cats love watching television. Well he hasn’t met any of us for sure! We hate television, loathe Netflix and detest Amazon Prime! We prefer to do our kind of gardening: finishing the lemon grass before it is taken away for making tea, and demolishing the Spider Plant before it can grow its delightful little babies!


If you grow scented plants near your garden pond, on warm days, the humid air will release their perfume all over the garden!




Grow a perfumed path: Choose your favourite perfumed plants: aromatic flowers, herbs, vegetables etc. Space your herbs about 15 cm apart.


Arrange the soil and spread with a thick layer of gravel. You can add stepping stones to walk on. When you step on some of the herbs, like Queen of the Night, scented roses, mint, jasmine, camomile, geraniums and many more, you will release their scent to charm everyone!


Don’t plant new roses in a bed where other roses were grown for two years or more. They are often attacked by rose sickness due to the harmful pests and diseases that have built up over the years.


Cats and milk and cream?


This vet says that some cats do like cream and milk. But it is better to give them yoghurt and sour cream!

Try this Mew-Meal!

Add 1 beaten egg to half cup cooked oatmeal or baby-food mixed cereal. Stir in a little milk or light cream! From: The Cheerful Cat Cookbook by Roy Ald.





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