Magic means to never buy Chinese products made from animal pelts

Did you know you can get rid of your fur coat and other unkind goods by donating them?


If you or your family member has a fur coat consider giving it as a donation to PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. It is a tax deductible donation. It can be used in displays to teach others exactly how cruelly fur coats are made. Or check with a local wildlife refuge to see if they will use the furs for orphaned wild animal babies to snuggle with!


In China PETA discovered that even domestic cats and dogs are killed for their pelts. Their heads are knocked on the pavement then they are skinned and strangled with wire nooses so that their fur could be turned into collars, toys, glove linings and cat toys.


When PETA visited an animal market in Southern China they found animals in cages who still had their collars on! Approximately two million dogs and cats are killed for their fur every year! The cruelty is unspeakable, unbearable, horrifying. Since China sells its fur coats, toys, bags, and many such items made from terrified cats, dogs, raccoons and other animals, all over the world you never know what you have bought that was used so shamefully. So say no to Chinese goods made without pity.





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