Can you ditch chocolate for avocado?

5 simple swaps for health!


There are five simple ways to feel healthier! Try them!

DSCN2328 (1)Swap butter for avocado says Good Food magazine! Spread mashed avocado on crackers or visit for their luscious free-from chocolate avocado recipe! Avocados contain healthier unsaturated fat and potassium, which lowers blood pressure!



Swap white sugar for date syrup! Date syrup is better than white sugar and sweetens salad dressings and porridge, puddings etc. Make your own by boiling dates so that you maintain the fibre control of the whole fruit which helps to balance blood sugar.


Swap coffee for matcha latte. Use anti-oxidant packed matcha powder into steamed milk (almond or soya milk work well too) for your caffeine fix! Matcha, made from the finely ground whole leaf of the green tea plant, contains much higher levels of antioxidants than the tea leaf infusion.



Swap white pasta for spelt pasta. It is healthier and rich in vitamins and minerals

P1210726Swap double cream for coconut yoghurt! Coconut is packed with vitamins C and E, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. It is also rich in B vitamins. Dairy-free coconut yoghurts are as creamy as an indulgent treat – use in desserts or in curries.

From: Good Food BBC




5 thoughts on “Can you ditch chocolate for avocado?

  1. I love avocado, and can do without butter – but ditching chocolate is another matter! I do, however, look for the ethically sourced stuff. And I’ve lately become addicted to ice-blocks made with chocolate and coconut cream.

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