Less meat will ensure enough water for everyone to eat!

Why should we eat less meat to have water to eat?


Scientists from the Stockholm International Water Institute have warned that if we don’t reduce our meat intake, there will  be insufficient water to grow enough for everyone to eat by 2050 when the world’s population is estimated to reach nine billion.

Campaign groups like Meat Free Week argue that using land to grow crops for people to eat is a far more efficient use of water than raising livestock.


To produce one kg. pork _ 4,800 litres of water.

To produce 1 kg. wheat – 1300 litres of water!


French chef Bruno Loubet famous for making vegetables the main draw at his London restaurant Grain Store says that it is possible to eat very well with less or even no meat on the plate! He decided to take beef off his restaurant’s menu completely. For the sake of his health and the environment he has cut down on his meat intake by 60 per cent!


from: The Stockholm International Water Institute Report


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