The Cat-gardening Chronicles (11)

Catnip, Brewer’s Yeast and Onions!

The Cat-gardening Chronicles (11)


Let me tell you this very interesting true cat tale! It is about a 13 year old cat called Tom who was suffering from hair loss and had bare spots all over his fur. We cats hate that! It makes us look ghastly! Well Tom was very weak and sad and his owners were almost ready to put him away, when one day while opening a cupboard his owner dropped a bottle of yeast tablets. The tablets fell out and Tom pounced on them and began to gobble them up madly!

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His owner happy to see that Tom liked them so much, began to give him a handful of yeast tablets every day for over two weeks. The result was that his hair came back nicely and he began to shine! He also became as healthy and playful as a kitten! This story was published in Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Natural Home Remedies! Maybe you might like to try out this remedy if one of your cats is suffering from baldness? Brewer’s yeast is available in chemist shops everywhere.


If cats could choose the plants for gardening, their first choice would be catnip! But did you know that catnip also helps to repel pests that attack plants? In one experiment catnip was sprayed on a pest, the potato beetle and was found to be very useful!

One human who had suffered from a stomach ulcer for several years, and was not cured by any remedies, finally tried catnip tea? It worked for him and the ulcer was gone very soon!



The petunia is a very pretty flower. But it is also a killer of pests! A substance in this flower and in its stems, repels the tomato fruit worm! Blend petunia parts, soak them in water, strain the mixture through cheesecloth, apply the concentrate to plants being harmed by the tomato fruit worm!


The garden is also a safe and cheaper kind of clinic for cats as well as humans! For humans a safe remedy for scabies is made from onions! Boil the skins of half a dozen onions for around 30 minutes in a quart of water. When the liquid cools, apply it generously all over your body to get relief. The peeled onions can then be used in cooking soup or curry etc. A spoonful of crushed fresh onion with a little honey, works wonders for asthma!

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Treat for a baby kitten: Add one egg to one fourth cup milk. Beat well and serve with a hug!


Chrysanthemums are not safe for cats! Keep them away from the garden!



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