More bad news about disposable nappies!

More bad news about disposable nappies!


In 1999 a study in Atlanta Georgia by a private laboratory showed an increase in asthma in laboratory mice exposed to cheap disposable nappies. Cotton nappies showed no marked effect!


Some scientists think that the plastic content of a nappy leads to a higher temperature around the scrotum of baby boys, which in turn may lead to problems producing sperm and thus infertility.

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A baby gets through an average of ten nappies per day in the early weeks of its life, then six a day later on – that is an amazing 3000 or more nappy changes by the time he reaches his first birthday!



Around three billion disposable nappies are thrown away every year in the UK! In India there hasn’t been a study done but it is likely to be just as high or even higher! Disposables can cost you at least 1000 pounds , probably more, as many babies who use disposables potty-train later than babies who wear cloth nappies!


From: Eco Baby by Sally J. Hall




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