The cat-gardening chronicles (10)

The Cat-Gardening Chronicles (10)


Can there be a better gardener than me to talk about saving water in the garden? Me and my tribe are not fond of water at all and we wash ourselves without wasting this precious wealth of the planet. Would you like to pick up some very cool tips for using less water and more sense for your gardening?


Install rainwater tanks – use the extra water for drinking or rinsing hair for that special outing.


Try to shorten your shower – cutting down by only two minutes will save 60 litres of water! Don’t leave your water running when cleaning your teeth or washing and soaping your face. This wastes more water than a person in a Third World country uses in an entire day!


Try to run a gutter pipe along the overhang of your balcony, leading to a small rain barrel, to give you water on tap. Balconies normally have an overhang designed to protect you from rain!


Free Soil: never walk away from a pile of leaves that have sat for a long time, and have rotted down to become soft crumbly soil. You can even pick up freshly fallen leaves which are laying around, and dig them into your garden soil. Within six months to a year they will turn into leaf mould which refreshes your soil. Compost your own leaves as well.


Newspapers make a terrific mulch. If your neighbours are throwing away their newspapers bring them home to wrap around your plants, with a few stones or bricks to keep them in place. You will need to water your plants lesser. Decomposed leaves which have turned brown and crumbly make a rich free mulch! Remember even your hair can be composted and so can the fur your cats are shedding!


Take the fish water from your fish tanks. Save the water after cleaning the tank and water your roses and begonias etc. with it. It is a good nitrogen feed!


Try this buttermilk spray on your fruit trees attacked by spider mites! Mix together 5 pounds white flour, 1 pint buttermilk, and 25 gallons of water. Filter into a sprayer and apply weekly until the mites have been killed. (From: Cut Your Bills in Half by the Editors of Rodale Press.


The flower that may not agree with your kitty at all!


The Chrysanthemum is a flower not to be kept near your cat as it is harmful. The ivy too is not your cat’s best friend along with the philondendron!



But you can trust lemon grass, catnip, ferns and Spider Plants. The African Violet is on good terms with cats.






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