The Cat-Gardening Chronicles (9)


The Cat-Gardening Chronicles (9)

Brewer’s Yeast & Sensible Water usage for your roses etc.

If you water your roses, dahlias, ivies and other plants during the hottest part of the day, 90 per cent of the water evaporates!


And a sprinkler is really not such a good idea for our ailing planet! When you leave it on for an hour while you watch Fargo or Fringe on television, or cook your favourite meal, it can use the same amount of water that a family of four normally uses in two days!


For plants that need a lot of water in containers, push a watering spike into the soil, which releases drops into the soil as and when the plants are thirsty!


Pour water from a can directly over the root area of each plant in the evening so that most of it does not evaporate.

DSCN1637 (1)

Get rid of sprinklers. Use drip or seed pipes. During a draught use grey water such as bath or shower water and washing up water.


Make a small depression around each plant to contain as much moisture as possible after watering or rain falls.


If you put a layer of mulch, such as bark chips or gravel, around the plants it will slow down evaporation from the soil and also keep weeds away.


Use water retaining granules or gel in pots and line them with perforated plastic.


From: A Slice of Organic Life.


How to make a garlic spray:

Mash ten cloves of garlic and let them stand overnight in 1 gallon of water. Strain the liquid, and mix it with two or three drops of liquid soap to make it spread better. For best results, spray this solution on your plants weekly. (Adding hot chile powder or ginger to this solution discourages even the most persistent insects.) From: The Able Gardener Kathleen Yeomans, R.N.


Have you tried Brewer’s Yeast for your cat’s fleas?


Many cat owners or those owned by cats have tried brewer’s yeast on their cats and it has helped to reduce the flea population! One cat person from New York mentions in Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Natural Home Remedies that he sprinkled crushed Brewer’s Yeast on his cats’ food. They seemed to like it and their fleas did not, and so they vanished!








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