Cat-Gardening Chronicles (8) Make a herb seat and sit on it!

Have you made a Herb Seat in your garden?


A herb seat can be a cool and cheerful place in your garden. It is easy to make! For this you will need:

  1. A square wooden tub (the kind sold for patios)
  2. Trellis for the back of the seat
  3. Crocks for drainage
  4. Potting compost
  5. Low-growing, tough, aromatic herbs
  6. Such as thyme, rosemary, or camomile


Now attach the trellis to the back of the tub, to form the back of the seat. Place it where you want the finished seat to go as it can be quite heavy when filled. You can raise the tub on some bricks or a wooden stand which should be weatherproof, so that the top will be a correct height for sitting on.P1100007


Fill the bottom of the tub with crocks, then top up with compost, plant your herbs and water them in. Allow them to become firmly established before sitting on them! If you can’t make yourself sit on them, just press them with your hand when passing to release their scent! (From: The Gardener’s Book by Diana Craig).


You can also try other herbs like mint, or salad plants like nasturtium, scented plants like jasmine, or even orange and yellow marigolds!

Your cats will love the lemon grass which is also good for repelling insects and can make you a delicious tea. But get more of this plant as the cats will never leave enough leaves for you to use in the kitchen!


Did you know that Calendula can be used to treat bunions, gingivitis, skin problems, sores, sunburn, ulcers and wounds? You get a Homoeopathic medicine called Calendula which is very good for you and your cat for healing wounds and all kinds of skin problems!





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