The Cat-Gardening Chronicles (6)

The Cat-gardening Chronicles (6)

Calendula and us!


We cats are mostly on good terms with each other and only rarely get into a fight. But sometimes while playing we hurt ourselves and have been treated with Calendula lotion, diluted, three times a day and have recovered. Even the book called A Passion for Cats brought out by The Cats Protection League has written about homoepathy treatments and other alternative medicine for cats.


For minor wounds and cuts it says to apply the lotion thrice a day to the wounds after bathing them with weak saline solution (half a teaspoon of salt to half litre of warm water.


Did you know that your cat’s fur can be used for a good cause? The fur we lose when grooming should never be thrown away! The CPL says that in the nesting season it can be spiked on useful bushes in the garden where it will be happily used by birds as nesting material! It has also been used by a pharmaceutical company to produce a vaccine for treating people who are allergic to cat fur!


Our discarded hair can also be used in your compost heap!


Have you tried this onion brew to repel insects in your garden? It is made of roots, stems and leaves – as many strong aromatics are possible: onion, garlic, horseradish, red pepper, mustard, garden mints. Chop them fine or blend with water. Add this pungent concentrate to a quart or more of water and add some liquid detergent. Then pour a generous amount over any plant infested with pests. If the brew ferments, it should work even better to repel insects says The Bug Book Harmless Insect Controls by Helen and John Philbrick.

feeding ducks 051

Make this healthy gruel for kittens as a beginner feed, or for feeding a convalescing cat from the Cats Protection League.


Take one tablespoon fine oatmeal and half litre milk.

Mix the oatmeal to a fine paste with a little milk; bring the rest of the milk nearly to the boil and stir in the oatmeal. Cook for about ten minutes, without boiling, stirring from time to time.



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