The Cat-Gardening Chronicles (5)

The Cat-Gardening Chronicles (5)


If magic goes missing on any given day, which is rare in anyone’s life, it is always waiting for us in the garden. Sitting on top of the fern pot, or the expensive fittonias isn’t to everybody’s taste and sometimes we are dislodged too quickly for comfort. But magic always can be retrieved….


Did you know that if you have whitefly in your conservatory you can plant a hanging basket with a species of tobacco plant (Nicotiana). It will attract all the whiteflies towards it and you can then empty out the basket contents onto the fire!


Here is another tip for holiday watering of your previous ivies or whatever: stand them around a bucket of water. Tie a pebble onto one end of a long wick (plain unwaxed string will do). Stick the other end into the plant compost. Do this for each plant. The water will syphon along the wick from the bucket. But make sure it is working well before you leave!

P1200434 (1)

Do not use oil or detergent on leaves to make them gleam. Use water.


Remember that most pests can be removed from plants with a strong jet of water from your garden hose. Chives are excellent for fighting pests. Feed them a chives drink! Steep about one-half cup finely chopped chive leaves in one pint of boiling water (enough to cover the leaves). Let it stand for 15 minutes to cool. Then spray it on your plants to prevent further pests.


Horseradish planted near potatoes will keep it free of potato pests. Plant onions next to beets and carrots to keep the bugs away.


Cut a handful of fresh chives in the early morning. Put them in a teapot and pour on boiling water. Let the tea steep for 15 minutes. Then spray it on gooseberry, cucumbers and other plants attacked by mildew. The USDA Yearbook of Insects reports that an emulsion of Oil of Coriander will kill the red spider mite!


Homoeopathy and your Cat!


Have you tried using Sulphur to treat mange, eczema and other skin problems? One of us had a terrible condition of mange and got well with the use of Sulphur. Consult a good vet who knows how to use homoeopathic medicines for cats.



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