The Cat-Gardening Chronicles (3)

The Cat-Gardening Chronicles (3)


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The garden talks to all of once, even our tribe which sleeps through 18 hours or more every day! But even in dreams, the garden always has something useful and cheering to tell us. For us cats, the Spider Plant is a friend who kisses us daily!


Did you know that you can attract useful insects into your garden with a mixture made up of one part honey, one part brewers yeast and three parts water? 



Did you know that around 500 BC the Greeks introduced the first laws to stop people from dumping garbage in the streets? Municipal dumping areas were organized in Athens 2 kilometres from the city walls! Unfortunately in medieval Europe this good practice vanished and garbage was again stashed in the streets, luring disease, death and infections. Pits were dug later, to fill up with garbage. Then rats arrived and added to the health problems.


Today litter is still killing. Thousands of sea mammals, birds, and other wildlife is being killed. So we must begin to take a litter bag with us if we are spending the day outdoors. Pick up litter even if it is not your own. Best of all kitchen waste can go in the garden and become fresh free soil!


The fact is that 15 mature trees make one tonne of paper. Recycling half the paper used in the world today would save 8 million hectares of forest!


Fall out of love with buying meat and vegetables prepackaged in plastic and displayed on Styrofoam trays!


Your garden however small or big, is a part of the environment that you have complete control over. Install solar garden lights. Fit sprinkler systems with automatic timers.


Get to know companion planting! Potatoes are attacked by a pest called the eelworm. It can be deterred by a secretion in the roots of the French marigold, so potato beds can benefit from a few of these plants grown around them.


Another trick is to plant ornamental flowers around vegetables! Foxgloves grown around the vegetable garden become the soldiers to keep pests away!

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The Cat as a Healer

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In Texas, a study of 100 men and women who had suffered heart attacks showed that patients having pets were more likely to recover. We are now being used in hospitals and homes to treat people with disorders like brain damage, drug addiction and alcoholism.


If you are reading this chronicle, don’t forget to buy a catnip plant for your cat’s garden!


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