The Cat-Gardening Chronicles (1)

The Cat-Gardening Chronicles (1)


I am a cat-gardener which means that I will not water your plants for you but I will sit nearby as you water the ivies etc. and will oversee the whole work to make sure you don’t miss any spots!


If you want your cat to help you in the garden, you know that you will need to someday bring home catnip or catmint to grow in it. This plant also called Nepeta cataria was once used in cooking and for medicinal purposes for humans! Most of us love this plant and will go crazy with joy over it, and roll around in a somewhat weird way. There are some cats who are not at all thrilled by catnip and I feel sorry for them!


The Reader’s Digest says that a few cats take up peculiar postures, remaining still for a while or acting like CSI detectives dashing around solving crimes! Considering the Taliban and the Ku Klux Clan and others of the kind, there are enough crimes to solve!


We also like lemon grass and the good old spider plant! So make sure you grow these around the roses and the jasmine!


Here are some golden rules for gardening:


  1. Re-use non toxic washing water on the plants. Greens like spinach and coriander need to be washed several times and often the water you use to wash them, will be enough to water all the plants in your garden!
  2. Grown your own food to bring the food bills down. One packet of seeds on average produces enough to feed a whole family. A single packet of tomato seeds will normally produce around 100 plants!


Try this safe, powerful garlic spray for ridding your plants of pests. Make up a good all-round spray by soaking 50 g. of chopped garlic with a tablespoon of mineral oil and 250 ml of water. Allow the mixture to stand for 48 hours then filter.


To make a spray, add three tablespoons of this concentrated solution to 1 litre of water. Garlic is also a good security guard so plant it all around the garden! (Environment Friendly Home Hints).


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To thank me for these tips make a Saucy Sardine Spread for me and your cat! Mash a couple of boneless, skinless, sardines. Moisten with a little sour cream or mayonnaise. (From: The Cheerful Cat Cookbook by Roy Ald).



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