The Cat Gardening Chronicles (2)

The Cat Gardening Chronicles (2)


I am a garden cat, which essentially means that I will be giving you regular and gold wrapped information about gardening with the environment always watching to see that you treat it well!


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So today let me show you how to make your very own pomander! Do you know what that is? In the olden days women made the pomander which was a heavily scented pot pourri, a fragrant ball worn around the neck or waist, in a perforated container. It was considered to be a guardian angel, keeping disease away from the person wearing it!


Today you can make this useful item to hang over your closet, hang it in the wardrobe, stack into a linen drawer or place it in a pot pourri jar. It will remain scented for years! It will also work better than the expensive, dangerous air fresheners in the market which only mask the bad smells in the home, but never kill them.


The materials needed:

  1. a small thin-skinned orange, fresh and healthy.
  2. A darning needle or fine skewer.
  3. About 25 g of cloves
  4. One teaspoon each of powdered cinnamon and orris root.
  5. A little freshly grated nutmeg and ground ginger.
  6. Grease-proof paper or a paper bag.
  7. 30 cm of narrow ribbon.

How to make your pomander
Prick holes in the orange peel using a darning needle and leaving a cross pattern round which you will eventually tie the ribbon.

Make the holes fairly close together, and do not go so deep as to allow the juice to run out.


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Stick cloves in the holes so the spaces between the cross are covered completely. Mix together ground cinnamon and orris root. Roll the orange in the mixture, rubbing and patting the powder in. Add a little freshly grated nutmeg and ground ginger if you wish.

Wrap the orange in grease proof paper or put into a brown paper bag. Leave it in a cool, dark place for 5-6 weeks or until it is hard and dry. Shake off any loose powder and tie the pomander round with ribbon. Make sure the pomander stays dry – this will keep it fresh and scented and delight you for many months!


From: Environment Friendly Home Hints: Family Circle.

Make Pate Pussy Maison for your Cat! 

Now to thank me, make this delicious dish for me and your cats. It is from The Cheerful Cat Cookbook Tempting Recipes for the discriminating cat by Roy Ald!


Do you have left over cooked meat? Use it to make Pate Pussy Maison! Cut the meat into small pieces. Put through a grinder with a slice or two of raw carrot. Blend with a little cottage cheese or mayonnaise!













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