Cat-Gardening: True Tales from Old Gardeners




Tall and True Tales from the Garden

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  1. You can shrug off mild infestations of aphids from tender leaves and shoots with an old toothbrush! Victorians invented the ‘aphis brush’ or ‘greenfly destroyer’ which was similar!
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  1. Earwigs often cause a problem
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    with Chrysanthemums. In 1569 garden experts advised that shoes crammed with hay and left overnight would lure earwigs to hide inside them. Then they were murdered! The Victorians used bundles of bamboo canes or old bean stalks, and today we can keep an old flower pot or any vessel stuffed with straw turned upside down to do the same job!

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  1. A fourteenth century Arabic manuscript suggests putting ashes around plants to banish slugs and snails! Sharp grit or egg shells also work to keep slugs out!

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  1. Ivy does not damage foundations of houses etc. as long as walls and pointing are healthy. In fact, ivy can even help to insulate the house, keeping it warm and dry!
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  1. If you love garlic, plant it around your roses. Garlic hates pests and will keep your roses free of them. But if you don’t like the smell of garlic, then you can avoid this method!


  1. If you love your cat, grow some Spider Plants for her or him!

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