Netflix sends La Mante, an addictive serial killer to stop you from reading or gardening!

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Ever since Anthony Hopkins, as Hannibal Lecter put us in that slightly confused feeling towards serial killers on television, (whether to loathe them or to secretly admire them and concur with them about killing off and eating up certain bad eggs) two television series from France add to our dilemma!


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At the end of Silence of the Lambs we are all very thrilled to see Hannibal stalking his next meal: that odious, irksome, sly Prison Manager who resembled our worst office editors whom we all wanted to kill though not eat uggh!


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As I binge watched The Frozen Dead (in which the serial killer seemed to be responsible for murdering the worst rodents and beasts around, rapists and creeps) Netflix treats us to yet another mini television series called La Mante, if possible even better than The Frozen Dead. This one has a female serial killer who has been locked up 20 years ago for killing 8 persons brutally and horrifyingly.

Now Paris has been terrified by a copy cat killer, following in the footsteps of La Mante, gleefully using her methods of murder.


The cops decide to take the help of La Mante ‘’The Mantis” to catch the new killer but she wants to work with her son who is now a detective…..This tale is so addictive, so crammed with hair raising suspense, almost unbearable creepy violence that you might not want to watch if you are not fond of creepy stuff.


The script is very good and the 8 part series is totally engrossing. The actors are excellent. Carol Bouquet playing The Mantis is so good you forget to loathe her and Fred Tesot as her disturbed and tense son is very appealing. So are all the other actors.


If you had been planning to finish reading Great Expectations, some poetry, or finally planting that squashed Spider Plant inside a bigger pot, you might be derailed and detained by La Mante! It wants to tingle your spine and may not let you read, clean out the bookshelves, cook that carrot cake or demolish the fleas on your fat cat’s fur! If you are into the Creep Zone, you have to board this crooked cage of terror stacked desserts!



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