Picking up the sneaky garden’s poem!

Whenever the chasm that is always hovering around us, has thumped down on me, and there is nothing to be done about it, I always go for the small things. Those drops of sugar or jaggery to be mixed into the minutes of any dagger stabbed day!


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I feed the large, gentle grey and white stray cat who comes for breakfast with a special treat along with rather meanly making him finish all the leftovers that the spoilt cats have ignored. This will be good expensive fresh fish but still it makes me feel guilty. So he gets some cheese or yoghurt, and sometimes cream and that minute or two softens into sweetness!


Then I watch the last episode of that stunning thriller about a serial killer with a heart, that has hooked me inside Netflix!


Then I for some reason remember to make a favourite dessert using jaggery or even a cake without eggs, which lightens the load of lethargy with that dagger standing just over my head!


Swooping up the leaves outside the front door is like picking up that poem growing up slyly inside the heart of your secretive garden! Adding them to the fresh kitchen wastes  is the brightest spell because it makes the day begin to fight back, to kick away that dagger and order it to go and harass someone else! Preferably that neigbour who has been flinging his very expensive used cigarette butts and boxes over the silver begonias trying to lead their gentle innocent lives under the sun’s caress!





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