It is a good thing that the Gerbera…


It is a good thing that the Gerbera

Is an enchanting flower that will try

to pull your heart out of its chasm

Where it has fallen down because on

Your way to the park and the nursery

You saw again those pitiful cages on the

Way where the thousands of baby chickens

Squashed inside ghastly little grubby cages

Huddled with their mothers, in desperate

Distress, pain, agony and utter hopelessness

Waiting to be slaughtered so some strange

Unbelievable humans could chomp on them,


Such wounded, imprisoned babies, with

Not a friend in their world, to care that they

Suffered every single minute of every single

Day and night, so someone’s fat belly could

Be filled up with their agony, terror & hurt.


It really is a good thing that the Gerbera is

So entrancing that for moments, it heals the

Shame and hopelessness you feel because

You cannot stop the dark bullying brutality

Of your own kind, that trusses up, tramples

on its right to be alive, well and happy, the

small shattered little thing, that God ignores


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