If you like Creepy with French Style: don’t miss The Frozen Dead from Netflix


Being a pathetically obsessive thriller addict, like many of us Netflix prisoners! I have been waiting hungrily for the next television treat of Fargo. A nice chilling, salivating gobble of gruesome and grisly deeds, grotesque humans hovering all over the dark places, to drown you in delight with dark humour added as dessert.


isn’t this creepy enough for you? 

But while Fargo hasn’t come, nor has the next season of Goliath (another superior binge worthy gem) I landed up watching some disappointing, mediocre thrillers: The Drowning (humdrum) Madre (irksome: squalid creepy and the same old predictable drooling) A Kind of Murder (extremely irritating and a total waste of time!) and then 10 Cloverfield Lane muddled and unsatisfying! It was time to stop watching thrillers and sleep more like the cats seemed to advise.


Then Netflix behaved itself and delivered the cream of the creepy stuff: a French television series that knocked me off my sofa almost. The Frozen Dead is a very superior, very unnerving thriller about grisly ghastly killings in a very small French village, where the frozen winter trembles with human malice. This truth is thrust at us very painfully: we see the petrifying killings through the eyes of gentle, peaceful and heartrending eyes of animals!

 FSCN0434 (1)

It has all the strength and intelligence of the Wallander mysteries, layered with very believable dark disturbing layers of human frailty, greed, hatred and mischief. It begins with the killing of an expensive horse belonging to a billionaire. It also has a serial killer (one of the scariest ones I have ever seen till now) who seems to be orchestrating the killings from inside a locked cellar!


Unlike most crime thrillers of today, this one makes you ache with concern and fury. You care about all the characters (the serial killer too which is quite a feat) and you are hooked. Lastly I fell in love with the alluring little French town, and that exquisite little church, and the aching beauty that surrounds them. But it is the first time I have seen animals being used to convey the darkness of human nature so tellingly so that it is almost difficult to see through their innocence….


It will also remind you of that very brilliant French thriller 

 Les Rivières Pourpres (Crimson Rivers) director: Mathieu Kassovitz – 2000.  It was a riveting movie in which Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel were detectives who collided while investigating a ghastly murder in an alpine village. It brought great fame to the director Kassovitz. I watched it thrice and can still watch it again!


This television series is just as thrilling and engrossing. It made me stop watching Fringe to binge watch this French treasure. If you like creepy with class, don’t miss this gem!


FSCN0086 (1)



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