Magic advertises its Hamper of Happiness


P1190516 (1)

Magic in its very rare spare time,

fashions a hamper of happiness that

Is easy to open and easier to use!



Made up of left overs from ruins it

Visits again in its free time, to dig

Out the ingredients for burnishing



This mad muddle of mixed merriment

And forgotten feasts from ferocious

wars, or from anything it can get


for free from anywhere at all and

it is an easy hamper to open and

to use: just remember that its sugar


pancakes of pleasure & profit are

those little things on the roadside

of living, always there to pick up



and to savor and to dig into at will

and to forget the hard, horrid stone

of stunned despair that tries to crush

and crumble every day if we let it in




I am not able to put a like note under any of the blogs I am now following. I just get the blog without those markings below to say 'like' what is happening? Please help

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