Lawns are not our planet’s best friends!

The usual traditional landscape is an environmental train wreck says the book Green Your Home All-In-One for Dummies! Here are the ways in which it batters the environment!

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  1. Around 40 to 60 per cent of the nitrogen applied to lawns ends up in the water!
  2. Greedily gobbling up natural resources like water to begin with.
  3. Ravaging native habitats.
  4. Killing off forests, strip mining etc.
  5. Bringing in non native plants that ruin and overcome wild ecosystems.
  6. Wasting precious water to feed unimportant ornamental plants and lawns!
  7. Making mountains of landfills.
  8. Demolishing peace, and living soil with heavy machinery and toxic chemicals.
  9. Ruining nature’s best treasures. Pesticides kill 60 to 70 million birds each year, and attack beneficial insects and other wildlife. We are affected too. The health of one in seven people is affected by pesticides. Between 60,000 to 70,000 severe accidents and fatalities occur each year just from lawn mowing!

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The truth is that your lawn which at present is the planet’s dark dangerous spot, can be turned into a haven for wildlife and green profits! Sustainable landscaping is a penny pincher’s joy, says this very useful book.


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