There are Green Profits from making the Eco roof!


Eco roofs offer a huge green profit of environmental treasures and are also very stylish and thrilling!


They will:

  1. Save up rainwater for you and also keep it off the streets!
  2. Even more exciting: they will trap and bioremediate 70 per cent of pollutants that fall on the roof!
  3. Produce oxygen and sequester carbon.
  4. Gift you wildlife habitat, especially when you use native species!
  5. A very important gift is that they will fight the effects of the overheating of cities due to the massive expanses of dark pavements and rooftops, the squalor due to crowding. They will reduce the horrible urban heat island effect.
  6. Lower temperatures inside the building.
  7. By their greenery they will increase the life of the roof!
  8. They will gift you ornamental plants and produce food for you! You can make your own choices too, which is even more enthralling!
  9. The best possible profits for those who are smart enough to try them out: peace, joy, enchantment and inner wealth!
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