Have you dared to make a living ecoroof? A glorious Green Roof?

Have you tried to make a living ecoroof? A Cool Green Roof?


One of the coolest, and most exciting sustainable landscape features is the living ecoroof, also called a Green Roof, says this very interesting book called Green Your Home All-in-One for Dummies!


This roof is made of plants that are drought-tolerant and will grow in a shallow layer of lightweight soil held in place by a water proof membrane and supporting structure, or by individual recycled plastic bins. The eco roof will make your roof a gorgeous, living ecosystem!


People all over the world who love the planet are bringing this new, bright, enchanting feature into their lives. They either make tiny sheds covered in succulents to the world’s largest, which covers 10 acres over a Ford Motor Company plant in Michigan. Some areas even offer tax credits for ecoroofs.





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