The Kitten who came Home with the Ku Klux Clan or perhaps Steven Seagal?


The Kitten who came home with the Ku Klux Clan or perhaps Steven Segal?!!!


The evening had darkened suddenly

When I left the park and visited the

Market near it to pick up some fruits

and almost stepped upon this tiny

concrete grey and milk white kitten,

Huddled in an old cardboard crate

Shivering in the icy dark, drooling in a

Way that was worrying. Then it began

To rain down buckets of water from the

Skies, and there were no auto rickshaws

Around. But one look at her, and I felt if I

Left it till the next day, she may not be

DSCN5391 (1)

Alive, so I scooped her up in the cardboard

Box wrapped up with some newspapers

The market sellers gave to me, and stood

Out in the rain, and the kitten’s angel from

Somewhere sent an autorickshaw with a

Man who greedily demanded double the

Fare to take us home. He got it. When we

Reached home through a terrifying loud

Thunderous, rainstorm, I found a gunny


Bag belonging to the auto driver which

I borrowed even without asking him, to

Cover the cardboard box so the shivering

Kitten stood more chances of surviving as

We got in through the gates, unlocked the

Door etc. The auto driver was a fiend who

Screamed at me for using his huge thick

Rather nice jute bag for an animal. He

Said I had defiled it and he would not take

it back, cursed me and kitten and said he

wished He had not stopped for us. Here

was the Ku Clux Clan’s Indian cousin and

perhaps also the henchman of the Taliban!

He made me shiver only a little with

the anger creepy humans always arouse

and I was more bothered with getting the

kitten warm. So I left him to growl and leave


while I brought the small guest home. She

drank up a lot of water with salt and sugar


combined, and slept through the night, only

coming out of the box to drink more water.

Then in the morning, she ate up a small

Spoonful of her first cat food, and though

She would need to see the vet nearby many

Times, get her shots, and her fleas removed,


Within three days she was padding around

The garden, sniffing up the lemon grass very

Greedily: then I got a blink so adoring, it was

Like sugared serenity straight from happiness

And I wondered how to serenade a half dead

Kitten who had come in from the cold to my

Home with the Ku Klux Clan or even perhaps

The irksome Steven Seagal who used to batter

And bash and gobble up all the ‘ethnics’ in his

Movies like they were buttered muffins and he

The nastiest moron in the entire aghast universe!





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