Coke has just produced over 50,000 single-use plastic bottles!


By the time you finish reading this email, Coke will have produced over 50,000 single-use plastic bottles. While many of us are currently battling pollution in the air, plastic pollution is breeding faster than you can imagine.


Every second, Coca-Cola produces 3,400 PET bottles. That’s over 110 billion throwaway plastic bottles a year.1 And billions of these end up in our rivers, on our beaches and in the ocean. Whales, turtles and seabirds have been found with stomachs full of plastic, which they mistake for food.

It’s horrible news, but we can change it: Tell Coke to cut its plastic footprint!

India is one of Coke’s largest consumer markets in the world, and is also one of the countries where the global plastic problem is washing up. We are 12th in the list of top 20 countries known for disbursing plastic waste into the ocean2Coke in India is producing thousands of PET bottles every minute, with no way to manage this myriad amount of plastic3. This profit-over-planet business model needs to end now!

Tell Coke to end the era of throwaway plastic

From: Manjari Sharma,
Greenpeace India

DSCN2912 (1)

We all can do our bit by drinking less coke or even no coke and more fresh juices and home made drinks!

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