The Cat who taught me the Magic Trick about Left Overs & Happiness!

The Cat who Taught me the Magic Trick



Long ago, when I was young and clueless enough to weep and groan and whine over all the gruesome painful jolts that always stun us in the work place I found a sanctuary of Feline shimmering Nurses in a cattery just behind my office. It was run by a friend who always had a 100 or more cats living in the two terraces of his old house, through the middle of which a large ancient tree clambered up so perfectly that the cats used it as a sofa below the skies.

babyon tortoise

One of the most awesome cats there was a tortoise shell named Cappuccino who taught me what to do when an office creep bit, strangled or mangled me and my work. Her advice to every grumble I brought for her to heal was this: just be happy.



This tortoise shell was a somewhat irritatingly happy furry puss. I never saw her grumbling or meowing when the help brought their food late and hunger pangs made the others meow loudly. Instead she sat on that tree sofa and posed to show everyone how easy it was to be serene!

can use

She taught me to look inside that limitlessly huge box of small extras given away by life, like those Wallmart or Sainsbury specials of each and every day! I learnt to be glad when the City dairy brought out its very own cheddar cheese or cashew nut cupcakes or sweet yoghurt that were as good as the best of huge well known bakeries and sweet shops. They also cost only half as much or even lesser!


When I went to buy fresh fish always glumly for my cats, (wishing all over again that the world would turn vegetarian, with my cats eating bread and milk like in the good old days, when there was no cat food in India) I would find a man selling strawberry boxes for just 30 rupees, while the shops robbed us at Rs. 200! This somewhat cheered me up as I bought the smelly fish and tried to bear the aching sight of hundreds of little chicken and hens strangling inside inhumane horrifying little cages! Then it was Cappuccino’s happy soul inside my heart that made me grab up a whole bag full of strawberries to drown in ideas of cakes, milkshake, sweets and icecreams all covered with pink creamy desserts!


In the rose block of the City nursery, when there were crowds all over, I mystifyingly began to feel Cappuccino Happiness when every buyer seemed to choose the most ordinary roses, so I had the time and peace to photograph the stunning unusual sizzlers of the lot! Nobody had ever chosen the truly blazing glorious beauties – those double coloured pink and white or red and white ones, the amazingly hugging white ones or often the dazzling necklace of fat red roses that ought to have been grabbed at once!


As far as I could see, Cappuccino read no self help book on happiness to enrich me so much with her gift for showing me always that it is finally the little gems we pick up, that flower in the heart like invisible Radiant Roses!


Her own small left overs of wisdom’s tips for joy were this: she looked sharply at the large handbag I carried, already anticipating the generous bag full of catnip treats inside, which would make the whole terrace drunk! Then she would serenely settle down on the fresh soft new piece of lace material I had brought from my left overs, for her to enjoy. Then her always surprising serenity would fly with the tender, tremulous blue and grey clouded sky’s evening breeze, over the terrace, to slide into my soul…..





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