Green shoppers don’t buy a juicer!

The Ethical Green shopper does not buy a juicer


If you care about the planet consider these startling facts about it: the typical juicer uses somewhere between 400 and 1000 watts of electricity. “If you take a machine running on 1000 watts, and use it for 5 minutes every day of the year, that’s around 30kWh a year – which is roughly equivalent to one tenth the usage of a standard-size fridge-freezer.” Richard Ehrlich in his book The Green Kitchen. You will also be cleaning that juicer after every use. But you can get better nutrition from eating fruit and vegetables! Do we really need that juicer?


Talking about juicers reminds me very fiercely about the short Indian film I saw recently on You Tube, that every movie lover must watch! It is a  delightful, hilarious and even slightly depressing tiny film called Juice that every woman and of course every man should watch!  And especially if you love orange juice, which I am obsessed with, you cannot miss this little gem of a small treat!



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