Drink the water that flows at 1/1000 the price!

DSCN2914 (1)Bottled water is a very serious environmental problem says Richard Ehrlich in his book The Green Kitchen. The bottles have to be manufactured using non-renewable fossil fuels. Frightening amounts of energy and other resources to bottle, package, store and ship them are wasted.

All this for a product that is no safer or tastier than the water that flows, at 1/1000 the price! Out of our taps!


The water inside that expensive bottle is not even safe to drink. In India at least all kinds of grisly and ghastly things have been found waiting inside for the stupid consumer who has bought one of these environmental devils! We can and must choose a refillable and washable container to carry boiled water from our homes to anywhere outside.


Sit down and estimate how much money you have spent on bottled water. It will shock you. Then use this amount for a good book, a nice movie out, a dinner out, a visit to a garden, a play or anything else!



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