Don’t be tempted by Special Offers: how to tackle food waste!

Reducing Food Waste


If you get plastic bags, save them and use them for future shopping!

According to Friends of the Earth, everyone in England and Wales throws away rubbish weighing 7 times his or her body-weight per annum! The kitchen accounts for around 20 per cent of that figure. But we can all cut our contribution to the rubbish-hill or mountain by as much as 75 per cent says Richard Ehrlich in his The Green Kitchen.


The major area of waste is the food we throw away. Total food waste accounts for around one third of household waste. In the UK, in 2007, a third of the food bought every year was thrown away! It weighed 6.7 million tonnes. It cost 9 billion pounds! Eliminating the waste would be the equivalent of taking 1 in 5 cars off the road.


In India we waste much more food in ridiculous, foolish weddings, where everyone tries to make shinier, more gaudy, more costly wedding foods, jewellery, ornaments, and ghastly decorations. Most horrible and horrifying is the food wastage.


The Green Kitchen suggests small ways to reduce this mountain of waste: shop daily, and ideally for no more than 2 days of eating, so you can keep count.

Check your fridge and larder before you go on a shopping trip. This is to find out what you don’t need!


We tend to buy certain favourite foods he says, admitting that his weakness is lemons! Mine is spinach! Or any greens for that matter!

Version 2

Don’t be tempted by special offers on food you don’t have a plan for! They are not cheap if you are not going to use them! When we pick up huge bags of potatoes or onions or whatever is on sale, we are almost certainly going to waste them!


Try to shop in small places! Avoid temptation and make a detailed list of what you need and carry it with you to the shops!



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