The Benefits of Cat-Gardening

Benefits of Cat-gardening


This is how Cat_-Gardening deals with the ragged edges of the scruffiest day of the week, the month, or even the hour under your foot, squelching with muddled grease, gross misdemeanors of the worst kind, or burning up with battered hopes or hurdles.


First of all, it sits you down on its soft soil, to tell you that the petrifying Rat who Sneaks in at Night, has eaten up the few purple African Violets beginning to grow again! The guilt that it instills in you with this terrible news, is so loud and crushing, that it takes everything else away from your mind!


It sets you down to repair the ravages and then as you begin to slog, it puts in several small chores to be done. Remember that lovely rose covered wooden square box you had bought at a fair, at half price, for the Tortoise Shell who loves new bags to sit on? And how she ignored it totally as if she knew it was not wood but cheap shoddy stuff that began to crack and crumble? So there it was waiting to be filled up with fresh composted home made soil that had magically filled up twenty small pots to be tipped into that bad shopping!


Inside the nicely filled up ignored cat box, you planted the Spider Plants you had bought from the nursery yesterday. The cats are very pleased with the Spiders and give it undivided attention as they chew it up like catnip. The very next day it has bred tiny little baby spiders pouring out of the generous space around it inside that box which now does not seem to be such a bad buy.


Cat-gardening has this habit of somehow turning trash into treasure of a sort, somehow fixing foolish choices into dotty decisions. Then the cats with their calculated waddling around (especially the rotund one who does not like to be called that) the pretty yellow and green ivy will remind you to water it and pray it survives someone’s fat paws or that stunning tail!


Then the garden rewards you for again removing all the rat’s scurrilous venomous attacks over it, by gifting you a fresh new plant coming up from the expensive long ago forgotten pink fittonia put underneath the small grove of polka dots where it was safe from the marauding robber on the street, who has pinched the ferns, the bottle green ivies, the marigolds, the chrysanthemums and worse, the huge Spider Plant that had come up from a neighbour’s cutting. So I had to buy two new ones from the nursery where I was shocked to learn they cost only Rs. 50 each while the man with the cart fished out his mobile to show me that on the net it was priced at Rs. 400! Luckily he did not have one on that day!


The cats meanwhile have begun to snooze around the ivies or over the ferns, and there is something very soothing about snoozing cats that cools the humid hour and leads it gently into harmony and their purring might even enchant that horrid rat who only comes at night to cause havoc in the garden.


Purrs and ferns, paws and polka dots, endless washing of fur (theirs) and watering, (alas mine) turn the tiny, rat-infested garden into a haven of hopeful serenity.










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